Who are we

Solving people’s problems, meeting their needs and realizing their goals require effectively managed organizations.
Prof. Dr. Ali AKDEMİR / Congress President

Bringing together researchers and performers working on the management of profit-making and non-profit organizations; is to find different management concepts, principles and application/implementation methods that are common for all organizations.

Common and different concepts, principles and application methods are presented for all categories of organizations; to be a global platform in which all managers, researchers and researchers from all countries of the world share their experiences and researches.

– Organizations are similar and organizations are also different

– Interaction of differences creates innovations

– Chronic problems of people are solved by powerful managed organizations

– Source rationality perfects all organizations

– Publicity and sociality is the duty of all organizations

– Sufficiency/Virtue, transparency, equality and fairness are the principles of all organizations

– New challenges require new organizations