Paper Rules


Referencing: There are different rules of writing in different disciplines. In order to provide coherence between authors, we take the basis of the American Psychological Association / APA 6 rules and we expect the following rules to be followed (by both the authors and the reviewers who will make the evaluation) to be complied with:

Writing a paper:

For the text, figures, tables etc. Times New Roman 10 font size should be used while in the sub- headings, bold 12 font size should be adopted. The full paper should be between 15 and 20 pages.

Below the title (16 font size), author(s) name and surnames, affiliations, titles and emails (12 font size) should be placed.

For the Turkish-written papers, both Turkish and English abstracts (for the English-written papers, Turkish participants should write in English and the other participants should only write in English) and 4-5 keywords should be used. In the paper proposals, research aim, scope and abstracts should be expressed in detail.

For referencing: Intensive citations should be avoided and previous studies should be cited at the beginning and in the remaining parts, the paper should critically analyse the previous studies by confirming or highlighting the differentiated points. Moreover, the author(s) should not approach to a reference, cited by other researchers, as if the author(s) accessed in their ways.

Both in the text and in the reference list, titles should not be used, such as Prof. Dr. Akdemir

After sending the detailed abstracts and their subsequent acceptation, the papers will be sent to three reviewers, who are the field experts. The reviewers can explain the reasons of accepting, rejecting, or asking for a revision in their comments. For an acceptance, the majority of the reviewers (2/3) should accepted the relevant paper. For a revision, the revised version of the papers will be sent to the same reviewers and, in case of the acceptance, the papers will be accepted.

Unpresented papers at the sessions will not be included in the conference proceedings and the author(s) will not receive the certificate of attendance.

For the direct quotations and citations (Examples are fictitious):

Single author:        (Akdemir, 2019:21)

Two-three authors: Akdemir and Karabulut, 2018:33 More than three authors: Akdemir, et al., 2017:45

Chapter in a book: Akdemir, 2017: 55, Karabulut (Ed.), 2017 —cited in- Indirect citations: Karabulut, 2020:15, -cited in: Akdemir, 2019:21-

For a journal referencing, it should be as in the book referencing; however, the first and the last pages of the articles in the corresponding journal should be stated: Akdemir, 2019: 44-55

For the referencing in translations, between the hyphens, the names and surnames of translators should also be mentioned: Tony, 2015:88, -translation: Akdemir, Ali, 2017:88-

For using Tables and Figures:

The headings should be placed above the tables, Table 1:……. (if there is a source, it should be written

as used in the references list)

In the figures, diagrams etc.: Figure 1 (Diagram 1 etc.)………. (if there is a source, it should be written

as used in the references list)

In the references list:

All papers cited in the entire manuscript should be alphabetically listed by starting with the surnames of the first authors.

Book references should be listed at first:

Single author: AKDEMİR, Ali, İstanbul: Leadership, 2019

Two authors: AKDEMİR and Karabulut, Marketing Leadership, 2018

Three and more authors: AKDEMİR, et al., Leadership in Management, 2017 Book chapters:

AKDEMİR, Ali, Leadership Types, Karabulut, Muhittin (Ed.), National and Global Leadership, İstanbul: 2017, -cited in-

Other sources, such as journal papers or conference papers should be placed in the references list

after books:

AKDEMİR, Ali, “Conflict in Leadership”, Journal of Management, V.1, I.1, 2018:13-23

(For a journal source, the first and the last pages of the articles should be noted.)

Important Note: For the authors who have the same surnames should include the initial letter of the second author’s surname in a bracket after the surnames

Institutions (should be placed in the references list after books):

Institutions with authors: as in book referencing.

Institutions without authors:……… 9. 5-Year Plan (2007-2013), Ankara: 2007

Links (should be placed in the references list after institutions):

Access dates should be given: AKDEMÏR, Ali, www. ……………… . (d: 12.2.2020) Links without authors (not recommended):

www.……………. d: 10.3.2019

APPENDICES: Numbers in the text 1,2,… should be given and shown after the references list.

Footnotes: Numbers in the text should be given and placed at the bottom of the corresponding page. If there is a long footnote, these should be noted after appendices.