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Abstract Template: Language must be in English, Turkish or Russian. The abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the following template, not to exceed one page. The submissions made any language other than English must include extensive summary in English.
The arbitration process is run for all abstracts and full texts.

Full Paper Template: Language must be in English, Turkish or Russian. The full papers should be prepared in accordance with the following template.

Note: Intellectual and academic responsibility belongs to the authors. The study should be uploaded to the originality and plagiarism detection program (excluding bibliography and citations) and the similarity rate should not exceed 20%.

Guide on How to Relate the Paper Submissions with the Category-Theme of the Congress

There are 4 categories of the congress and chapters-topics under each category. Therefore, all papers to be submitted by researchers shall fall into the chapters of these 4 categories.

Papers that mainly based on pure theory and researches (survey, interview, content analysis, in-depth interview, case analysis etc.) based on theoretical and other theoretical knowledge shall be presented, submitted.

Within this context, the submitted paper topics of the first category shall be related to the theoretical compilation or the inventive theoretical studies.

For example, the paper titled “The Research Trends in Population Ecology” belongs to 1st Category.

The paper titled “The Effects of Charismatic Leadership in Organizational Performance and a Research in the Service Sector” belongs to the “Management From Aspect of Leadership” theme of the 2nd Category. The paper titled “Solidification of Organizational Structures in NGOs and Examples in Associations” belongs to “Management From Aspect of NGOs” theme of the 3rd Category.

Paper titled “Is it Possible to Apply the Principle of Diplomacy in International Organizations to Enterprises?” belongs to “Applicability of International Organization Management Concept, Principles and Practices in For- Profit Organizations (Business, Cooperative, etc.) “ of the 4th Category of our congress.

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